Please send your inquiry or application for a guide to NGC through the following inquiry form.

If you can’t send it through the inquiry form, please directly email to NGC.

  • Please make sure to book a free guide at least 5 days before your visit.

When you request for a guide through email, please write it as follows. [Title] application for a guide [Contents] your name, e-mail address, number of guests, gender, nationality, date of our service requested, accommodation on the previous night and language (English/ Korean/ Chinese).

To the person who apply for a guide

Before you apply for a guide, please read and agree with the following matters to be attended to.

  • The charge of the guide is free but transportation fees for the tour and the meal expenses for a guide/guides, if any, should be covered by the guests.
  • We cannot be held responsible for the loss caused by accident to the guests during the tour. We recommend you arranging your own Travel Insurance in advance.
  • In case of cancellation, please inform us by 5 days before your guided tour.
  • Please don’t double-book, it causes troubles to us.
  • In case you are a travel agency or a company, we receive a contribution to NGC.
    The sum is 5,000 yen for a case of 50 people or less, and we add 100 yen for every additional person over 50 people.

If you need, please download a PDF file from this site

Information on our Guided Tour Notice(PDF)file_download

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