We offer tour guides and various international cooperation activities.


Guided Tour
We offer excellent tour guides requested through our website or hotels in Nara. You can apply for a guide in Nara from this site.
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Spot Guide
We explain about each sightseeing spot. Spot Guide is available at the Kohfukuji Temple, the Todaiji Temple and the Isuien Japanese Garden.Please see the details →“Spot Guide”
What is Spot Guide?

We regularly have a training workshop to provide better guide services.

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Translation Service

We translate menu, pamphlet, homepage etc. into English.

Activities about the Promotion of Tourism

We cooperate with activities about the promotion of tourism in Nara.

Learning about the World Heritage Site

Elementary and Junior high school students of Nara city study the World Heritage Site as part of school. They learn attractive points of Nara and inform it to the foreign tourists who visit Nara. We support the students.